Love Me Again NZ

what we're building together

a conscious community

Due to the love of an incredibly stylish and ethical audience, LMA has developed into a thriving, bustling community, bringing your exceptional self here...and this is only the start. We learnt pretty quickly that people grasp at the opportunity to treat the world with kindness when treating themselves. So here we are, providing that sacred space. Collectively, we are reducing the need for fast fashion (and naturally its waste), giving back to worthy causes and all while dressing deserving women in style.

And that's all you, so thank you, you lovely conscious being, truly.

the lma philosophy

embracing a circular economy...

When we first grasped the impact and sheer importance of a regenerative economy, we were ashamed it had taken us so long.

How does it work?

It's about replacing a traditional linear economy (make, use, dispose) for one where we treasure 'things' like our futures depend on it. When it's getting neglected and ignored, it's time to put it back into this beautiful cycle to be loved again. The most powerful part? Those treasures will have more than one life as they are re-purposed into something new and delicious...and so the love cycle begins again.

Reducing waste altogether would be the magical solution to the earth's cries but one that humanity struggles with. The next best solution? Re-cycling and re-loving as much and often as humanely possible!


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