here's the deal...

you clearout your closet, we'll put money in your pocket

We hear you've got some stunning stuff hiding away in that closet of yours! It's time to put those scrumptious pieces back into our loving circular economy! The bonus? You'll earn a few extra pennies to spend yourself. Purchase a Closet Clearout pack below and then watch through your vendor account as we sell your items on your behalf.


Purchase a Closet Clearout Pack

Purchase a Closet Clearout pack to become an LMA Vendor. Upon purchase you will be guided to create a Vendor account where you will manage all your products and payouts.

Fill your courier bag with your lush goodies

Place all your stunning and superfluous pieces into a courier bag ready to be loved again!

Ship your goods

Next, ship all your gorgeous goodies to us! Hand it over and ...wala! Its that simple!

Watch your items get loved again...while you get paid.

We will upload your items to our shop, automatically linking them to your vendor account. Watch as they fly off the shelves and cash in your commission at any point you like!

Vendor Terms & Conditions

For more information read our Vendor Q&As below.

Love LMA ♥

Closet Clearout Pack

$15.00 Sale Save

Vendor Q&As

Our Closet Clearout packs sell out very quickly! We try to re-stock
every 2 weeks. Please follow our Instagram ( and sign up to our newsletter to be first in the know!

You will be paid a flat rate of 35% per item (GST included). Payments are made to vendors once a week. Items are subject to sale at any duration. Permanent sale prices are set on week 4 till 6, before completing their cycle.

Your items will be priced by the team here at LMA. Price will
factor in RRP, season, condition, brand, quality & demand.

CCP are stored and bought out for listing on a first in, first served basis. We will notify you VIA email when your pieces are coming up for sale.

After 4 weeks of a full price cycle, they will go into a sale cycle for 2 weeks (up to 50% off). Anything remaining you will be contacted about to decide whether or not you would like to have your items returned (at your own cost). Once the postal charge is confirmed, you will have 7 days to pay. After the 7 day period has ended, if without payment confirmation, your items will be donated (to the local op shop or to a fundraiser should we be running one at the time) or repurposed.

Yes. We do not accept any items with brands such as Anko, Everlast, H&H, or any brands similar. We do not accept any underwear or bras (unless they are brand new with tags & hygiene sticker). We do not accept any items with marks, stains, holes or signs of extreme wear. Any items not adhering to these standards will not be accepted and will be donated or repurposed as per the T&Cs. We unfortunately are unable to accept shoes. We are also unable to accept jewellery (unless it is designer.)
ALL ITEMS MUST BE FRESHLY LAUNDERED (excluding pieces brand new with tags) PRIOR TO SENDING.


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